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With Us

Would you like Leaving Pawprints to feature your animal shelter?

We're here to serve you.

No matter how big or small your animal shelter is, our goal is to connect you with volunteers.

Contact us so we can learn about your needs. Volunteers can help with day-to-day animal care, housekeeping, special projects, website development, and more. We'll create a profile on your animal shelter, including contact information, so that prospective volunteers can reach out to you directly.


Contact Us

Whether you're a privately owned or government-funded shelter, we want to help you spread the word.



We're excited to learn about your shelter! Choose from a phone or email interview in English or Spanish.



Help us showcase your shelter and its four-footed residents. Email us 3 - 4 high-quality photos.


We'll email you the link to your shelter's profile once it's ready for the world to see.

Preparing for Our Chat

We don't bite, promise! We'd love to talk with you over the phone since it offers us the chance to have a deeper conversation about your animal shelter's history, goals, and needs.

But whether we have a phone chat or exchange emails, below are the main topics we'll ask you about. Of course, we encourage you to share other information pertaining to your shelter and mission. To get a feel for the format of our animal shelter profiles, check out our volunteer page.

  • Type of volunteer work needed

  • Contact & social media details

  • Shelter's history

  • Current activities

  • Donation requests

  • Adoption process